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    Zhejiang Hao Feng CNC Technology Co. Ltd.

    Zhejiang Hao Feng CNC Technology Co. Ltd. (formerly Yuhuan Xin parallelmachine) was founded in 1995, is located in the East China Sea (Yuhuan East Village Truman Town Industrial Zone), covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, is the region in the early development of one of the manufacturers and production of various kinds of machine tools.

    Our company mainly produces: a series of numerical control machine tools, oblique bed line rail CNC machine tools, turn milling compound machine tools, CNC special machines, horizontal high-speed five axis drilling and milling attack bathroom special machine, high-speed and large stroke vertical machining center, high-speed eight axis vertical processing engraving and milling machine.

    The purpose of the company is to take the way of science and technology and innovate in practice

    In order to adapt to the ongoing industry competition, our company has further improved its technology and technology content. Now we have 15 mechanical and electrical engineering and technical personnel, and have been linked together in Colleges and universities to work together to develop new products.

    For the company to pay attention to staff technical training, and through the survival of the fittest year by year, the basic formation of a strong technical staff. For many years, the company's products are in the process of processing and manufacturing. With exquisite processing technology and strict quality control, and timely quality tracking and thoughtful after-sales service, the goal of achieving zero return rate is achieved.

    In order to meet the higher requirements of the customers, our company aims to meet the higher requirements of the customers. The return rate of the product is zero.

    • XC-25G High Speed Rail
    • CK-0632 High Precision Hard Rail
    • A2D-0640 unilateral and biaxial
    • A2-0640 Unilateral and Double-Axis Model
    • A4-0640 Double Head Four Axis
    • XC-36S High Speed Rail Machine Tool
    • CNC.D42STurning-milling compound machine tool
    • CNC.520Horizontal High Speed Five-Axis Drilling and Milling Sanitary Ware Machine
    • XC-400V8(80L) High-speed 8-Position servo turret with inclined bed
    • VMC-850 High Speed and Large Stroke Vertical Machining Center
    • VMC-850High-speed and Large-stroke Vertical Machining Center
    • VMC-V8 High Speed 8-Axis Vertical Machining and Carving Milling Machine
    • XC-0640S High Speed Rail

    In recent years, the Hao Feng CNC has vigorously expanded the online and offline sales channels and actively participated in the industry exhibition. In the promotion of their own at the same time, to participate in the exhibition and to Hao Feng CNC machine tool enterprises to observe other processing technology, continue to learn from each other, strengthen scientific and technological innovation; constantly improve product intelligence, information, precision, digital level, meet the needs of customers, adapt to the constantly advancing industry competition.

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